The Grand National & Aintree 1946-1959

1948 - Sheilas Cottage`s year

Leading Fancies

The form horse of the race was SILVER FAME who was unbeaten in five starts this season with wins at Sandown, Manchester, Stratford and two at Cheltenham including a win at the Cheltenham Festival. This was to be his third attempt at the National having been unlucky not to complete in his two previous attempts. He started favourite at 9-1. Next best was the King George VI Chase winner ROWLAND ROY. National debutants CLONCARRIG and ROIMOND were amongst several starting at 22-1. CLONCARRIG had shown he could act over the fences having won the Molyneux Chase at the Autumn meeting whilst ROIMOND had scored a hat-trick of wins in the autumn. LOYAL ANTRIM came in for considerable support but his jumping would be a worry and 1947 runner up LOUGH CONN was without a win all season but had been consistently running well in good company. As for PRINCE REGENT he returned for one more attempt at the age of thirteen and was starting at 25-1. Again he was lightly raced having been off the course since winning a three runner Becher Chase at the Autumn meeting.

GRAND NATIONAL HANDICAP CHASE, 4 1/2 miles, £9,103 to the winner, £1,097 to the second, £540 to the third & £274 to the fourth

 1       -0P1  PRINCE REGENT  13, 12-3 T W Dreaper- IRE T.Hyde 
 2   1F1112  HAPPY HOME  9, 11-10 F T WalwynG.Kelly 
 3    -11310  KLAXTON  8, 11-8 J.Anthony R.Smyth 
 4      -4122 ROWLAND ROY  9, 11-8 F T Walwyn B.Marshall  
 5   -111F3   ROIMOND  7, 11-7 G.Beeby R.Black 
 6     -03B2  CADDIE II  10, 11-7I.Anthony J.Maguire 
 7     -11111  SILVER FAME  9, 11-6 G.Beeby M.Molony 
 8        -200  REVELRY  8, 11-6 F T Walwyn D.Moore 
 9   PF0144  HALYCON HOURS  8, 11-5 H.Smyth M C Prendergast 
10          -04  LOVELY COTTAGE  11, 11-4 J.Morant C.Hook 
11      -2F0F  BRICETT  11, 11-3  W.Hall T.Molony 
12    302400  REARMAMENT  11, 11-2 J.Anthony D.Ruttle 
13      -0P2F  CAUGHOO  9, 11-1 IRE E.Dempsey 
14         -030  WAR RISK  9, 11-1 B.Hobbs R.Turnell 
17     -014U   CLONCARRIG  8, 10-13 T.Masson Mr J Hislop
18     -0011F  WEEVIL  9, 10-11 T.Farmer V.Mooney 
19    111311   CROMWELL  7, 10-11 P.Cazalet Lord Mildmay 
20    -21310   CLONABOY  10, 10-10 R.Hobbs E.Hannigan 
21    -0020F   GORMANSTOWN  8, 10-9 W.Hall M.Hogan 
22    -01330   SHEILAS COTTAGE  9, 10-7 N.Crump A P Thompson 
23    -F00U2  PLATYPUS  7, 10-6 W.Smallwood A.Jack 
24    024222  LOUGH CONN  12, 10-5 IREJ.Fitzgerald 
25    02F311  FIRST OF THE DANDIES  11, 10-4 G.Wilson J.Brogan 
26   -423201  HOUSEWARMER  11, 10-6* F.Walwyn H.Nicholson 
27   2F41F0   SIR JOHN  7, 10-3 A S Kilpatrick Maj C Blacker 
28        -40F   TUDOR CLOSE  11, 10-3 H R Price T.Maher 
29    PFF041  LOYAL ANTRIM  11, 10-3 IRE E.Newman 
30    100404   ZAHIA  8, 10-2 E G Champneys E.Reavey 
31    -100B1   SCHUBERT  14, 10-2 C.Beechener L.McMorrow 
32    2231FF  ULSTER MONARCH  9, 10-1 J S Wight Capt J Eustace-Smith 
33    -21323   MUSICAL LAD  11, 10-1 V.Moore M.Browne 
34    3F1020  ULTRA BENE  9, 10-1 P.Cazalet A.Grantham 
35    4F0F22   LE DAIM  9, 10-1A S Kirkpatrick S.Pinch 
37   -41343   OFFALY PRINCE  9, 10-5*H R Price Mr A Parker 
38             -P  SKOURAS  8, 10-0 IRE A.Power 
39   221F2F   PARTHENON  9, 10-0 R.Hobbs P.Murray 
40             -3  SODA II  7, 10-0 J.Goldsmith H.Bonneau 
41     -4423    MALTESE WANDERER  9, 10-0 T H Yates K.Gilsenan 
42    031034  HIGHLAND LAD  9, 10-0 IRE E.Kennedy 
43   F41333   TOMMY TRADDLES  7, 10-0 E B Forwood C.Harrison 
44   -03F043   SOME CHICKEN  11, 10-0 J P Roberts W.Redmond 
45    11140F   SERPENTINE  10, 10-0 H R Price C.Mitchell 
46  2PFF30   BORAS COTTAGE  10, 10-0 H R Price E.Vinall 

 Non Runners :  15 KEEP FAITH (W T Dreaper -IRE) - E.Newman 16 BRIGHTER SANDY (W.Hall) - M C Prendergast ,36 DUSKY CHIMES () - Mr D.Ancil

S.P : 9-1 Silver Fame, 100-9 Rowland Roy, 22-1 Cloncarrig, Lough Conn, Loyal Antrim & Roimond, 25-1 First of the Dandies, Housewarmer & Prince Regent, 28-1 Caughoo, 33-1 Cromwell, Happy Home, Revelry, War Risk & Weevil, 40-1 Klaxton & Soda II, 50-1 Caddie II, Halcyon Hours, Highland Lad, SHEILA`S COTTAGE & Some Chicken, 66-1 Clonaboy, Gormanstown, Lovely Cottage, Platypus & Schubert, 100-1 Bora`s Cottage, Bricett, Le Daim, Maltese Wanderer, Musical Lad, Offaly Prince, Parthenon, Serpentine, Sir John, Skouras, Tommy Traddles, Tudor Close, Ulster Monarch, Ultra Bene & Zahia

Aintree Debutants (19)

Bora`s Cottage, Caddie II, Clonaboy, Highland Cottage, Happy Home, Le Daim*, Loyal Antrim*, Maltese Warrior, Offaly Prince, Platypus*, Roimond, Serpentine*, Sir John, Skouras, Tommy Traddles,  Tudor Close*, Ultra Bene*, Weevil*, Zahia 

Winners at Aintree (5)

CaughooGrand National (1947) 
CloncarrigMolyneux Chase (1947) 
Housewarmer Molyneux Chase (1946) 
Lovely Cottage Grand National (1946) 
Prince Regent Champion Chase (1946) & Becher Chase (1947) 
War RiskGrand Sefton Chase (1946) 


Saturday 20th March - Going : Good 

* according to Chaseform/other sources - not covered by newsreel footage 

First fence : BRICETT (fell), SERPENTINE (unseated rider)

Third fence : ULTRA BENE (unseated rider)

Fourth fence : BORAS's COTTAGE (fell)* 

First Bechers : SILVER FAME (hampered & fell), SOME CHICKEN (fell) 

Seventh fence: LOYAL ANTRIM (fell)* 

First Canal : ROIMOND (unseated rider), CADDIE II (Unseated rider) (form book says he came down at the tenth which is not covered by the newsreel - however he cannot be seen at Valentines and if you look carefully a horse in dark colours appears to unseat after the fence), HALYCON HOURS (refused when tailed off)

Tenth fence : LOVELY COTTAGE (fell & remounted)* 

Thirteenth fence : CLONCARRIG (unseated when leading)

Fourteenth fence : SIR JOHN (unseated rider), ULSTER MONARCH (unseated rider)

The Chair : GORMANSTOWN (unseated rider), REARMAMENT (unseated rider), TOMMY TRADDLES (refused & unseated rider), TUDOR CLOSE (fell)* 

Order at half way : (1) FIRST OF THE DANDIES,  (2) ZAHIA, (3) HAPPY HOME, (4) LE DAIM, (5) SHEILAS COTTAGE, (6) ROWLAND ROY, (7) OFFALY PRINCE, (8) PARTHENON, (9) HIGHLAND LAD, (10) MALTESE WANDERER, (11) CROMWELL, (12) WAR RISK, (13) SCHUBERT, (14) WEEVIL, (15) SKOURAS, (16) SODA II, (17) CLONABOY, (18), KLAXTON (19 HOUSEWARMER), (20) PRINCE REGENT, (21) CAUGHOO, (22) REVELRY, (23) PLATYPUS, LOUGH CONN (pulled up after water - broke blood vessel*, (tailed off) MUSICAL LAD & LOVELY COTTAGE 

Seventeenth fence : SODA II (hampered & unseated rider) 

Nineteenth fence : LE DAIM (fell), WEEVIL (hampered & unseated rider) 

Twenty First fence : HIGHLAND LAD (fell)

Second Bechers : CLONABOY (fell), HOUSEWARMER (hampered & fell) 

Twenty third fence : PRINCE REGENT (carried out)*, CAUGHOO (pulled up)*, SKOURAS (pulled up)*, MUSICAL LAD (fell)* (dwelt at start having been caught up in the tape- tailed off by first Bechers he is not captured on any of the footage thereafter but all sources have him coming down here so assume like Lovely Cottage they continued in splendid isolation)

Thirtieth fence : ZAHIA (ran out) 

As always thanks to Mick Mutlow for additions and corrections.  


3rdCROMWELL Lord Mildmay 
4th HAPPY HOME G.Kelly 
6th ROWLAND ROY B.Marshall 
7th PARTHENON P.Murray 
9th OFFALY PRINCE Mr A.Parker 
10thKLAXTON R.Smyth 
11th WAR RISK R.Turnell 
12thREVELRY D.Moore 
13th SCHUBERT L.McMorrow 
14th LOVELY COTTAGE (remounted)C.Hook 

Time : 9 mins 25 2/5 secs                                                                                                                       

Distances : 1-6-6-10-6

Owned by John Procter 

Trained by Neville Crump in Middleham, Yorkshire

The winner 

A notoriously bad tempered mare, SHEILAS COTTAGE repaid her jockey by biting off the top of one of his fingers as he went to congratulate her that evening. She was immediately retired to stud where she produced six foals. Eventually she was gifted to her jockey Thompson who showed that he held no hard feelings as she spent her twilight years with him and when she died she was buried in his garden in Wexford.