The Grand National & Aintree 1946-1959

1957 - Sundew`s year

Leading Fancies
In attempt to halt the trend of declining crowds Mrs Topham decided to revert to the Nationals traditional day and this year the race was run on the Friday of the meeting. Judging by the sparse crowds the effort was not a success. Starting favourite at 5-1 was GOOSANDER on the back of three straight wins having won twice at Haydock including the Grand National Trial. MUCH OBLIGED at 10-1 had been travelling sweetly when he had fallen five from home in 1956 and he had been very impressive at Sandown earlier in the season when landing the Mildmay Memorial although he had been behind ESB in the  Great Yorkshire Chase. 12-1 shot GLORIOUS TWELFTH had finished second in the Grand Sefton and won a small race at Leicester. He had twice chased Much Obliged home. Another behind Much Obliged at Sandown was 100-7 shot HART ROYAL who had won three times this season, his biggest success been when winning the Lancashire Chase at Manchester. The leading Irish challenger was TUTTO who had been running non-stop since the previous June. This was to be his twelfth start. He had won four times including a surprise win in the Leopardstown. It had to be conceded though that it was a slightly weaker Irish challenge this year. SUNDEW was the only jumper in his trainer Frank Hudsons small yard at Henley-In-Arden. A big imposing horse he had twice run in the National and twice fallen, the second time when he was still in contention when his race ended at second Bechers. This year he had finished last of seven finishers in the Grand Sefton, finished third in the Great Yorkshire Chase and won his last start, the Grand International Chase at Sandown where he had made all the running and beaten Glorious Twelfth by six lengths. He started at 20-1 as did last years hero ESB who was running consistently all season and had beaten several of his rivals in the Great Yorkshire Chase at Doncaster on his last start. 
                        GRAND NATIONAL STEEPLECHASE, 4 1/2 miles £8,793 10s to the winner
 12-23331  ESB  11, 11-13 T F Rimell D V Dick 
 2 313113  ROSE PARK  11, 11-13 P.Cazalet G.Nicholls 
 4103-000  ROYAL TAN  13, 11-12 M V O`Brien - IRE T.Taaffe 
 5 42F010  FOUR TEN  11, 11-11 A S Kilpatrick R.Morrow 
 64-40111  GOOSANDER  9, 11-7 N.Crump H J East 
 7F-00231  SUNDEW  11, 11-7 F.Hudson F T Winter 
 8 1FF114  MUCH OBLIGED  9, 11-4 N.Crump M.Scudamore 
 9 102210  ICELOUGH  11, 11-3 T J Taaffe - IRE P.Taaffe 
10 F-03330  ARMORIAL III   8, 11-1 F T Walwyn J A Bullock 
11  321222  GLORIOUS TWELFTH  8, 11-1 R.Renton B.Wilkinson 
12  322U01  MERRY THROW  9, 10-12 W.Dutton T.Brookshaw 
13   /0001P  VIRGINIUS  8, 10-12 M V O`Brien - IRE Mr A.Lillingstone 
14  021311  HART ROYAL  9, 10-10 I.Lomax P.Pickford 
15 F-23120  ATHENIAN  8, 10-7 G.Balding D.Ancil 
16  111441  WYNBURGH  7, 10-7 P.Wilkinson M.Batchelor 
17 -143011  GENTLE MOYA  11, 10-6 C.Bewicke G.Milburn 
18 -243000  CAREY`S COTTAGE  10, 10-6 G.Balding T.Shone 
19  113421  TUTTO  10, 10-6 M.Pollard - IRE J.Lehane 
20 044-210  RENDEZ-VOUS III  9, 10-6 H G Bowsher A.Freeman 
21  102113  SYDNEY JONES  10, 10-5 P.Tory Mr M Tory 
22  421134  FELIAS  9, 10-5 F T Walwyn W.Rees 
23 -441FF2  CHINA CLIPPER II  10, 10-3 R.Turnell Maj W D Gibson 
24  433300  IRISH LIZARD  14, 10-2 H.Nicholson D.Nicholson 
25  00401F  SANDY JANE II  10, 10-2 P.Murphy H R Beasley 
26 U0-3140  CLEARING  10, 10-1 W.Stephenson R.Curson 
27  U42411  MORCATOR  10, 10-0 G R Owen L.McMorrow 
28  P20321  RED MENACE  8, 10-0 W.Dutton L.Wigham 
29 -0P0003  THE CROFTER  9, 10-0 W D Francis J.Power 
30  210300  TIBERETTA  9, 10-0 E.Courage A.Oughton 
31  F4R0P0  GO-WELL  9, 10-0 A S Kilpatrick Capt P.Bengough
32 0D-0032  WILD WISDOM  12, 10-0 L.Bridge Mr L.Bridge 
35  012400  FAHRENHEIT  10, 10-0 J J Marshall - IRE T O`Brien 
36        /P03  MONKEY WRENCH  12, 10-0 W.Stephenson R J Hamey 
37  041F14  WAKING  13, 10-0 J.Burgess Capt A W C Pearn 
38 -0F4040  CHERRY ABBOT  12, 10-0 C H Ferrie G.Underwood 
The following horses were confirmed to run and appeared in the racecard but were withdrawn : -
3 SAM BROWNTHORN (Mr J R Cox), 33 EAGLE LODGE (A.Oughton), 34 RONDINO (G.Mann)
S.P : 5-1 Goosander, 10-1 Much Obliged, 12-1 Glorious Twelfth, 100-7 Hart Royal, 100-6 Tutto, 20-1 ESB, Rendez-Vous III, SUNDEW, 25-1 Sydney Jones & Wynburgh, 28-1 Gentle Moya, Icelough, Rose Park & Royal Tan, 33-1 Red Menace, 40-1 Merry Throw & Sandy Jane II, 45-1 Clearing & Felias, 50-1 Armorial III, Carey`s Cottage, Four Ten, Morcator & Virginius, 66-1 Athenian, Cherry Abbot, China Clipeer II, Fahrenheit, Go-Well, Irish Lizard, Monkey Wrench, The Crofter, Tiberetta, Waking & Wild Wisdom  
Aintree Debutants (16)
China Clipper II*, Fahrenheit*, Felias*, Four Ten, Icelough*, Go-Well*, Hart Royal, Merry Throw, Monkey Wrench*, Red Menace*, Sandy Jane II*, Sydney Jones, Tiberetta, Virginius*, Waking*, Wynburgh 
Winners at Aintree (4)
ESBGrand National (1965)
Gentle MoyaGrand Sefton Chase (1955) 
Irish Lizard Molyneux Chase (1948), Topham Trophy (1953) 
Royal Tan Grand National (1954) 
Friday 29th March - Going : Good
sources : Pathe/British Movietone/Chaseform 
* denotes not covered by newsreel footage 
First fence : HART ROYAL (fell), VIRGINIUS (fell), RENDEZ-VOUS III (Brought down)
Third fence : GO-WELL (fell)*
Fourth fence : ARMORIAL III (fell)
Fifth fence : WAKING (baulked & refused)*
Bechers (6th) : CHERRY ABBOT (unseated rider), IRISH LIZARD (fell), ROYAL TAN (some sources say carried out, others baulked & refused but there was no head-on shot of Bechers this year so it cannot be verified)*
Canal Turn (8th) : FAHRENHEIT (fell), MORCATOR (unseated rider)
Both Movietone & Pathe concentrated on Sundew over the next few jumps so apart from Red Menace I cannot verify what happened here and rely on Chaseform.
Valentines (9th) : WILD WISDM (fell)*
Tenth fence : RED MENACE (fell), CAREYS COTTAGE (baulked & fell)*
Eleventh fence : CLEARING (fell)*, MUCH OBLIGED (fell)*, FELIAS (baulked & fell)*, TUTTO (baulked & fell)*, ICELOUGH  (baulked & pulled up) 
Order at half way :  (1) SUNDEW, (2) ATHENIAN, (3) ESB, (4) THE CROFTER, (5) CHINA CLIPPER II, (6) GENTLE MOYA, (7) TIBERETTA, (8) GOOSANDER, (9) WYNDBURGH, (10) MERRY THROW, (12) FOUR TEN, (13) ROSE PARK, (14) SYDNEY JONES, (15) SANDY JANE II, (16) MONKEY WRENCH (pulled up after water)
Twentieth fence : ROSE PARK (refused)
Valentines (25th) : ATHENIAN (fell)
Twenty Eighth fence : FOUR TEN (unseated rider)
Thirtieth fence : CHINA CLIPPER II (fell)
1stSUNDEW F T Winter 
2ndWYNBURGH M.Batchelor 
3rdTIBERETTA A.Oughton 
4th GLORIOUS T WELFTH B.Wilkinson 
5th THE CROFTER J.Power 
8th ESB D V Dick 
9th MERRY THROW T.Brookshaw 
10th SANDY JANE II H R Beasley 
11th GENTLE MOYA G.Milburn 
35 ran.

Time : 9 minutes, 42 1/5 seconds

Distances : 10-10-1/2-15-20 

Owned by Mrs G.Kohn

Trained by Frank Hudson in Henley-on-Arden, Warwickshire

The Winner

After the National Sundew disappointed in the inaugural Whitbread Gold Cup and was put away for the season. After a spin over hurdles at Nottingham he returned to Aintree to finish fifth behind Wynburgh in the Grand Sefton. All was set for another attempt on the National but tragically in his next start three weeks later whilst leading in a small race at Haydock he fell at the water jump, broke his shoulder and had to be destroyed. A  race was named after him at the course where he met his end and the racename continued into the late seventies. It boasted an impressive list of winners including L`Escargot, Pendil and Bula (the latter two trained by Sundews jockey Fred Winter).